Explode crates, save his friends & collect stars.
Smash with the power of SLOTH

Crates are slowly falling from the sky in a grid-like fashion. The little sloth has no choice but to face the crate’s head-on literally, by slingshotting itself headfirst through the crates of incremental doom. If even one crate lands on the ground, it would alert the cougar and be the end of the sloth (game).


These crates are sturdy so they may take multiple hits, but if you manage to make contact with any sloths along the way, they will help the little sloth in taking down the crates as well.

Using bombs to help clear the way, they can make short work of destroying crates nearby. If you play your cards right, you can create a chain reaction with the other bombs caught in the initial blast. If you collect enough stars, you would be able to spend the points to spawn a massive bomb that will explode the whole area, leverage this to your advantage. Be warned to not let the bombs take out the stars and sloth friends as well.

The more turns you last each round, the better the score. Knock out as many crates as you can before they hit the ground. Sloth viva la SMASH!